Consultancy and Projects

Advisory services and support for international agencies, private companies with Software Development and Consulting in the Region of South America and Brazil

COEX aims to stimulate dialogue between companies and institutions in order to promote investment and international trade. The experience of COEX in working with international development programs, with your networking contacts.

Focus: Provide Advisory Services in export and import processes working on own ID or ID COEX.

Target: Companies that are willing to outsource their import / export department.



Automated operations control that allows the issue of documents (invoice national and international license, packing list, certificate of origin, etc. . .).

Support and management in the financial area and fiscal procedures.

Quote and hiring national and international transport.

Customer support inside or abroad.

Participation in International Fairs and roundtables.

Client acquisition and business brokering.

Negotiations and Fiscal Procedures, including governmental authorization for import and export.



Estimating costs and viability.

Supplier capitation, business contact, control orders with overseas suppliers.

Quote and hiring international transport and insurance.

Follow -up and execution of shipments, national and international transport.

Control of documents for customs clearance, Tax and Financial Control.

Customs clearance, nationalization of the product and delivery to the final customer.

Works supplier already developed or developing.

Negotiations and Fiscal Procedures, including governmental authorization for import and export.

Customs Port Usage: storage, release, nationalization, Bond system, use of draw back.



Focus of work: Consultancy, Implementation, Monitoring, Approaches, visits, Administration of Current and New Contractors and participation in fairs Representatives.


Objective: Increase sales volume.

Advice: Following sales progress in the current rules and bring new ideas, policies for growing with the director’s approval.

Execution: Visit active clients looking for new opportunities, inactive for resumption of operations and attracting new customers and businesses.


Contacts and International Service:

These are provided to international business delegations and companies wishing to enter the America South and Brazil. Services include research, identification and contact matchmaking, meeting scheduling, identification of suppliers, buyers and business seminars.

Business forums and investment seminars:

COEX Services include development of database marketing; promoting events , advertising and public relations; management response; event logisticss (local connection, audiovisual and translation and on-site event management).


Market Research and Identification Contact:

COEX provides research services for local and foreign clients in various industry sectors. Subjects covered include production and trade statistics, duty structure and barriers to entry, distribution channels, industry issues, and identify and link to the main contacts.


Management and Marketing Exhibition:

Advisory and management services complete display, including exhibition and stand design and construction, visitor promotion campaigns, logistics exhibition (binding site, record audio -visual, security, cleaning, photography, filming, etc.) and Management events locally. COEX is able to organize individual exposures in any country, as well as participate in the existing sector specific fairs in South America and Brazil.


Media and Public Relations:

COEX assists domestic and foreign to grow in their relationship with South America and Brazil customers. The Advisory Services include developing media lists, preparation and distribution of press releases, social media activations.